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Would you like to regain your thick, strong, and beautiful hair effortlessly and quickly?

Our FDA-approved formula and all-natural supplement have everything your hair needs to grow longer and longer.

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing thin roots and damaged locks? Have you noticed how our hair grows more slowly with age? We know how frustrating and stressful it can be to worry about weak, dull hair. That's why we created our COMPLETE 2-part hair restoration system with Minoxidil, the ONLY super-charged ingredient approved by the FDA to completely strengthen, thicken and restore your hair.
Now is your chance to join the over 215,000 women who have already experienced EASY and FAST luxury hair growth.“Ultimately, I was looking for a product that worked. I've tried Rogaine, I've tried home remedies, and a million other things, and nothing has given me the results that Provillus has. My hair is both longer and thicker than it has been in years, and it's all thanks to this beautiful tuft of hair.”*- Claire Norlaine, 47 years old, Saint-Louis

 Easy to use 2 part system

Not only can Provillus help you get your hair looking radiant again, it makes it so easy to do! Simply take our handcrafted, all-natural supplement once a day. Then spray our Minoxidil topical formula directly on any problem areas you may see. No massage is necessary, our super absorbent solution does all the work for you!

Improve growth and volume

Women love us for quickly increasing the speed of their hair growth. We often hear stories of hair that "would never grow" suddenly becoming longer and blooming again after using our all-natural hair formula.