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In the majority of cases, you do not lose weight because you do not pay attention to your energy balance. You don't know exactly what your energy needs are. Feeling like you've tried everything and not seeing the impact on the scale is really frustrating.

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The energy balance to lose weight? the golden rule in weight loss: just widen the gap between the fuel absorbed and the energy expended by our body.
In other words, eat less than what you spend on a daily basis. Scientific research is formal on this point. Losing weight = Burning more energy than our body consumes in food.
Everything you've heard about losing weight that isn't based on energy deficit is bullshit.
If the body does not have enough food intake, it will draw on its fat reserves to have the energy necessary for its proper functioning. It is then in energy deficit. So you have understood that if you give your body as much or even more than it really needs, you have no chance of losing weight. Point.

  • What we can remember is that the total energy expenditure of our body during a day is calculated as follows. many times: I'll spare you the details here.
  • Total energy expenditure = basal metabolic rate (energy spent by the body to function at rest) + energy expenditure.
  • The basal metabolism varies according to the individuals:

 This means that they burn more calories at rest than others. others have a slower metabolism. In other words, they are rather conservative because they do not need a lot of energy to perform vital functions. The body naturally tends to spend less, because it responds to the thermodynamic law of conservation of energy body composition is drier body burns more calories at rest
The opposite is also true, a body with a high-fat mass has a metabolism that works in slow motion.
 a study showed that the basal metabolic rate is between 1027 Calories per day to 2500 Calories for the most energy-consuming people. The population average is 1500 Calories.
To precisely measure the resources your body needs, the starting point can be to calculate your basal metabolism with the Harris-Benedict formulaEn savoir plus sur ce texte sourceVous devez indiquer le texte source pour obtenir des informations supplémentaires


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In our programs, we can use this reference and we adjust it according to the adaptation of our body.

We increase or decrease intake if weight loss is not triggered.

Starving yourself over time to lose weight: the worst way to mess up your body

 When you understand how energy balance works, you may be tempted to severely restrict calories to lose weight.

Weight loss seems the subtle combination of these 2 parameters:

They believe that the greater the intake restriction, the faster the weight loss.

Our experience in the weight loss industry has shown us that many people want to lose weight with drastic calorie restrictions.

 Weight loss is a slightly more complex process than calorie restriction. There is plenty of research to show the opposite.

the risks of food cracking are greater because the body has not given the signal of satiety, especially if the protein intake is insufficient

for muscle loss

the fall of anabolic hormones responsible for muscle synthesis

  • What is the solution to too severe a food restriction?
  • To repair a metabolism increasingly slowed down by a severe restriction, we will have to give a different signal to the body.

  • The body has gone into energy-saving mode and is becoming increasingly resistant to lipogenesis
  • Gradually increasing the intake will allow you to readapt your metabolism and restart it
  • Bring more protein in the intake to trigger the feeling of satiety and weight loss

At the same time, weight loss is stopped if the intake is too high for our body.

The only way to know what our energy intake is is to track our calories. Calculating your calories allows you to precisely measure how much you consume. We know how restrictive and complicated our calories can be on a daily basis, especially if you go out to a restaurant and you don't have time.

I'll give you an example that will show how to ruin the efforts of a few days in a day of cheat meal NoLimit:

If you don't count the spoon of oil in your diet, it's 90 Calories that are missing. These are the hidden calories

What is the solution to reduce our overeating and losing weight

First, become aware of our consumption. which makes the exercise easier. But if we do not want to leave room for daily measurement, making a schedule with typical meals allows us not to leave room for doubt. On days when you don't want to worry, the Tupperware option with a meal known in advance is the most reassuring.

Allow yourself cheat meals measured too fat but especially carbohydrate and protein, It is a good compromise to boost the metabolism and even to skip a level in weight loss at the same time as rewarding yourself.

There are several factors that can explain why the weight displayed by the scale is stable. It is a common beginner's mistake to see physical transformation only through the prism of the scale.

We can realize the physical transformation by two simple measures: visual comparison with photos, and tracker measurements with a tape measure.

  • Another possibility of not losing weight is fluid retention in the body. Several factors can promote water retention:
  • an increase in the stress hormone called cortisol which is directly associated with the body's water retention mechanism
  • How to drain the body to evacuate excess fluid?
  • A diet less rich in sodium and more rehydration will help regulate the body.
  • At AlphaBody, we do not recommend doing cardio. Beginners will take running as their basic physical activity. Yet it is an endurance sport that has several major drawbacks:

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Too much cardio will raise cortisol levels in athletes. It is the stress hormone that promotes storage in adipose tissue, in the form of fat. Moreover, serotonin, a hormone that is easily found in proteins, helps regulate this cortisol

Cardio can help you lose fat but will slow down the metabolism

It is best to favor polyarticular movements to stimulate muscle groups rather than a particular muscle.


This is really good news: despite what you may have believed about losing weight, you just have to understand the subtle balance between your body's energy needs and nourish it accordingly.